Waukesha Generators

Rush Power Systems perform service, repairs, and sales of GE’s Waukesha engines and generator sets.

For more than 80 years, GE has been recognized as a manufacturer in the development and production of gas engines for the efficient generation of power and heat. GE products are highly-developed and tested, and well-matched in the direction of each customer’s specific requirements. Essential components necessary for reliable engine operation – such as spark plugs, gas mixer, and engine controls – are developed directly in Waukesha. This allows GE to control the development and construction, system integration, and testing of the complete units.

Waukesha gas engines are designed to perform reliably in isolated, mission-critical and demanding applications. Featuring durable design and unsurpassed suppleness, the rich-burn and lean–burn alternatives cover a wide variety of applications and varying emissions compliance levels. By offering both rich- and lean-burn designs, GE’s Waukesha team provides a range of products to help our clientele make smart choices for tomorrow.

GE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance mid and high-speed diesel engines and generator sets. When used in distributed power applications, GE’s experience and proven technology deliver reliable, efficient, and cost-effective power solutions in some of the world’s harshest operating environments.

The World Chooses Waukesha

With excellent tolerance for variable fuel quality that increases output, uptime, and profitability, Waukesha engines are used worldwide.


Designed from the Inside Out

The VGF series of engines is built to deliver continuous output, with industrial strength to handle continuous high rpm up to 1,175 HP (876 kWb).

Total Fuel Flexibility

Waukesha engines are capable of operating on a wide range of fuels, from 400 to 2,350 BTU/sq.ft., making them work well for a variety of applications.

Waukesha is an American brand of large stationary reciprocating engines produced by GE Energy. Waukesha engines are large internal combustion engines for industrial uses, such as engines that burn natural gas to run large generators for hospitals.

Waukesha has many different sizes and styles of engines and generator sets. Watch the video below as just an example of the quality available:

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